Joining Online Meetings

Your master teacher may choose to use one of several great tools for online meetings such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype. Information is provided below about Google Hangouts, one of the most popular options. Please review information provided by your master teacher, though, for specifics about joining online meetings.

During the summer and academic year, the Mobile CSP team will host webinars, open to any educator using Mobile CSP. Information about the webinars will be posted in the Forum, so make sure you sign up to receive the emails to get information on the webinars. You will be able to view webinars on a YouTube Live page, including being able to ask questions and chat with others watching the live stream.

1. Enable Google+ for your Gmail

In order to use Google Hangouts, you will need to enable Google+ for your gmail account. To enable Google+, you should be logged in to your gmail account, then go to the Google+ page and follow the directions.

Learn more about Google+.

2. Try Hangouts with a Friend

Those participating in the research project (earning a stipend) will be required to participate in one Google Hangout each unit with your professional learning community (PLC) and mentor teacher. Everyone else is welcome to join the instant hangouts, which will be linked on the Discussion lesson of each unit. Look for the following icon to join an instant hangout:

If you haven't used Google Hangouts before, we suggest the following tips:

  • Try to do your hangout in a quiet place, using a good microphone/headset.
  • Test a hangout with a friend or family member before doing one in your group.
  • Hangouts work best in the Chrome browser.
  • Use Google Docs to take notes in your hangout. (Click View More Apps on the left side list in Hangout, then click +Add Apps and look for Google Drive.)

Get Started with Your First Hangout:

Learn more about hangouts.