App Inventor Setup

In Unit 1 Lesson 1.4: App Inventor Set Up, students will login to App Inventor for the first time and test an app with their mobile devices or emulator.

CSP Framework Lesson Activities
BI 1: Creativity
, EU 1.1: Creative development can be an essential process for creating computational artifacts.; EU 1.2: Computing enables people to use creative development processes to create computational artifacts for creative expression or to solve a problem.
Apply a creative development process when creating computational artifacts. [LO 1.1.1]
EK 1.1.1A P 2
Students connect to App Inventor to run a test app.


Access to computer labs and a mobile device or emulator

Educators should verify ahead of time that students can use the Wi-Fi and that there are no significant barriers to connecting devices and App Inventor. (See the IT Checklist and Troubleshooting Connection Problems).

Learning Activities

Estimated Length: 25-45 minutes

  1. Video (5 mins): Show the intro to App Inventor video from MIT in class. When this video was made, CS was not usually taught in high school! But luckily, things have changed.
  2. Activity (15-30 minutes): Following the directions in Unit 1 Lesson 1.4: App Inventor Set Up, students should click on the App Inventor template, login to App Inventor with their Gmail accounts and then run the test app on a mobile device or emulator. They can follow the embedded tutorial to the left of the App Inventor screens. This lesson may last longer if there are connection issues at your school. Follow the troubleshooting links.
  3. Reflection (5 mins): Ask students what they liked about App Inventor so far.

Google Accounts

Your school email may already be based on Gmail accounts. It may work with all the Google products used during the course, but it may not as well. For example, you may be able to access Google Sites, but not App Inventor. Test it out during the summer to determine which route is best for your school. You may need to have each student create a brand new Gmail just for this course.